Product Description

Rotary Indexing or Oscillating

The IP series are parallel input/output indexers.

They utilize a precision paradromic cam set and friction cam follower technology for the longest life and utmost in performance.

They are tyipically utilised in high-speed packaging and process machines.

The highly competitive price and fast lead time together with CDS quality and reliability make this series very attractive for the market.

Technical specifications

  • Sizes: IP40 - IP65 - IP80 - IP105 - IP130 - IP165 - IP200 - IP250
  • No. Stops: from 0.6 to 10 - oscillator
  • Index Angle: from 60° to 330°
  • Max torque: from 13 to 4500+ Nm
  • Output motion axis bearings
    - Max Axial Force: from 500 to 21000 N*
    - Max overturning moment: from 20 to 2400 Nm*
  • Torque limiter - Ecam


Conical roller bearings
Conical roller bearings
Seal gasket
Seal gasket
Flat cam
Flat cam