HT SERIES - Open center ring tables

Product Description

Open center ring tables

The HT Ring Table Series are designed to propose new solutions for fixed or flexible positioning of heavy loads, thanks to the high performance of the cross-roller bearing.

The large central hole is the perfect gateway for wires and struts and the low-profile fits the table in every project. The load-bearing housing make the use easier: no extra supports or structure must be added.

The 'friction followers' technology inside ensures a vibration-free and backlash-freerotation at high speed, high positioning accuracy and a maintenance-free long life.

The competitive price and the reduced lead time together with CDS quality and reliability make this series very attractive for the market.

Technical specifications

  • Sizes: HT300 - HT365 - HT545
  • Number of Stops: from 4 to 36+ - servo-driven
  • Index Angle: from 70° to 300° - freely programmable
  • Dynamic capacity: from 700 to 20000+ Nm
  • Output motion axis bearings
    - Max Axial Force: from 130000 to 500000+ N?
    - Tilting: from 16000 to 122000 Nm
  • Central Hole: from 340 to 700 mm


HT SERIES - Open center ring tables